Book Of Colour

Our challenge was to help Valspar Paint develop a new brand purpose and win the pitch to become Kingfisher DIY Store’s primary paint supplier. 

Our idea was Trust Your Colours. A rallying call for people to express themselves, to fill their lives with colour, and to choose the best paint for the job. We brought this idea to life with a brand book that was tactile, immersive and playful.

We had people scrubbing heat sensitive ink to remove stains from the page, throwing red wine onto waterproof spreads, and even ripping out pages to demonstrate how our paint lasts as long as you love it. From Foils to Holographic paper. Spot UV to die-cut designs. Every time they turned the page, they were presented with a new, rich, textured experience. Valspar won the business, and secured their shelf space in over a thousand Kingfisher Stores across Europe. We also got wine on their head office carpet. But that’s life ey.